KARMA Mandate

One of our mandate is to change people's lives and make them more fulfilling by aligning their value systems and beliefs with their goals, dreams and visions of their lives.

We are also focused on building, enhancing and strenghtening their ego as well as improving self concept for people to be able to withstand many internal and external pressures sorounding their lives.

Besides, we are also aiming at creating social, economic and spiritual support groups to enable people tap the synergy inherent in such groups and pursue their dreams.

Overal Objectives

Restoration of pride, dreams, aspirations, dignity and value systems to Meru County people and especially youth and other vulnerable groups.

Specific Objectives

  • Alignment of value systems and beliefs with goals, dreams and life visions based on the prevailing realities and the individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Building, enhancing and strengthening our students and clients egos which would result in improved self concept.

  • Creation of social, spiritual and economic support groups to tap the synergy inherent in such groups.

  • To impart knowledge, information, skills and positive attitude.

  • To create a peaceful, healthy, wealthy and progressive community with everybody vibrantly making their.

  • To fight vulnerability and dependency syndrome among the unemployed youth and other vulnerable groups in Meru.

Management Team

KARMA Training & Empowerment centre is managed by a team of qualified professionals in all areas of undertaking who are out to holistically make change in lives of our students and clients.

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  • Hellen Kamencu
  • Managing Director
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  • Faith Makena
  • Educationist
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  • Kingwa Kamencu
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
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  • Stanley M. Kimathi
  • Sub-Coumty Youth Development officer
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  • Lucia Mueni
  • Clinical Psychologist

Technical Team

Get practical skills and knowledge from our technical and professional team.

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  • Rev. DR. Mary Nkari, PhD
  • Director, Spiritual matters, Theology and Ministry
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  • Mrs Evangeline Ngunjiri
  • Technical advisor, Community Issues & Resource mobilisation
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  • Dennis Murimi
  • Youth programmes Coordinator

Our History

Karma Training and Empowerment Centre is a brainchild of two ladies, who in the year 2016 came up with an idea of starting up a training institute in Isiolo. The Idea was well excecuted and resulted into the registration of Karma Training Institute by the Ministry of Education as a Training, Vocational and Educational Centre in 2018.While at her infancy age, it got caught up by covid-19 pandemic which paralyzed her operations.

When the directives were lifted in the late 2020, the owners could not meet the stringent conditions of the adequate space to maintain the health rule distance between the students in class. However, the initiative metamorphosed in the middle of 2022 with the change of delivery of training from physical to online classes, relocation of college to Kianjai, Tigania West sub-county, Meru County, inclusion of courses in Empowerment psychology and indeed provision of services touching on mental health necessitated by post covid-19 economic and social hardhsip.


KTEC greatest agenda is to unlock the hidden potential within self and to strengthen ego (boosting self esteem and self confidence) for an individual to tap potentials of external environment and combine it with sharpenned inner strength within self to be able to live highly fulfilling and thriving lives. This will be achieved through formal training which will equip learners with skills spiced with attitudinal change to unlearn the traditional biases, prejudice, misconception and limiting beliefs acquired over time and relearn new life enhancing beliefs and changed ways of thinking as well as learning ways of doing things which would propel one towards his/her ow life golas. KTEC while delivering it's core mandate of imparting knowledge, skills, information and positive attitude to her students as well as providing relief to her clients who are stuck in some areas of life (typically diagnosed as mental disorders). We also plan to be actively engaged in motivational talks in schools and training institutions to create a new mindset of positive thinking from the current mindset bogged down with imposibilities.

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Stakeholders Engagement


Equity and Inclusiveness