Why Choose Karma?

Karma stands out as a unique institution of choice as it's programmes are dictated by the prevailing market demands and are specifically tailored to meet the educational and professional needs of our students and clients holistically and optimally. Our charges are very competitive and the services are delivered by well qualified staff to ensure our transformational agenda for individual and community is realised.

Reasons why you need to choose Karma for educational and professional value addition in your life is revolving around our major objective for transforming individual and communal lives to enable people live lives that God had intended for them at creation stage.The centre is managed by team of qualified professionals in all areas of undertaking who are out to holistically make change in lives of our students and clients. We treasure and cherish collaboration as a value adition to our products and services, thus enabling us to give the-state-of-art service delivery.

Our Partners

St. Nicholas Rehabilitation Centre